Here you can enter a Microspot competition and have a chance to win fantastic prizes. You'll also find all of the previous competition winners and the prizes they recieved. In addition, each of the winners have given their own testimonials, reinforcing their passion for Microspot products.

20th December 2013 - 5th Jan 2014
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To celebrate the 2013 holiday season Microspot offered a free product download as a gift to all the Microspot customers who gave up a few minutes of their time to fill out a short survey, which proved to be very helpful.
15th August 2012 - 24 August 2012
Olympic Competiton Image
Winner: Kenneth Renaud (Canada)
Prize: Two Special Edition Olympics & Paralympics coins from the Royal Mint
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“I’m very familiar with MacDraft and ran version 3 for several years with System 9 on my PowerBook until it packed it in hence the need to upgrade. My former career was as a principal in a multi disciplinary Architect, Engineering and Project Management practice. In the context of ramping up our investments production, we have needed a custom designed and engineered special purpose catamaran style harvesting vessel capable of handling 9 tons per day with a 3 man crew for 40 weeks a year at a sustained production of 25 tons per week. Using the latest version of MacDraft Pro with the advantage of colored layers, I was able to knock out several conceptual drawings showing hydraulics and structural details.
In a couple of days I have developed sufficient drawings to estimate a reasonable budget for fabrication which is currently in progress. I’m committed to MacDraft always have been and its even better, I am really pleased to be reacquainted with an ‘old’ friend.”
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