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OSX El Capitan

Designed for Mac OSX and now compatible with the all-new OSX 10.11 El Capitan. OSX El Capitan compatibility brings a whole host of speed and efficiency to your software, making your DWG Viewer experience more effiecient. OSX El Capitan not only provides a more confident and powerful OSX, it also gives a elegent design, that feels familiar, enhancing your applications and giving you a welcome boost.

DWG Support

AutoCAD DWG & DXF Support

DWG File Format
The latest DWG files are now supported up to version 2013/2014/2015/2016, allowing you to open these DWG files.

Now more compatible with the latest AutoCAD versions. In addition there is some legacy support for older DWG versions.

Opening your DWG Files
Opening a DWG file allows you to choose the layout or model, select the units and scales and control the number of units per interval.

DWG Support

Opening a Layout or Model

DWG Contents
DWG files can contain individual layouts for particluar parts of the drawing or the model which displays all components.

You can open each of the individual layouts for a particluar DWG file, giving you control over which oarts you wish to work with.

You can open the entire model space which will give you access to the complete drawing and all of its components.

DWG Support

Annotate your drawings

Text Tool
Use the text tool to annotate your drawings with important comments. Customise your text options using fonts, sizes, styles...etc.

When you have finished typing your text the text box will automatically highlight in yellow, for a clearer annotation.

Circle Shape
The oval shape will draw a red border oval around the area of interest for you. Making it quicker and easier to focus your text.

More great benefits with DWG Viewer!

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DWG Support

Opening a Layout or Model

File Sources
Files can be opened directly from your machine. This means you will not have to upload to a web area first.
No Internet Needed
Not needing to upload your files, means you do not require an internet connection, saving you precious time.
DWG Support

Layer Management

All of the layers attributed to the DWG file you have opened will be available from the Layers palette.
You can hide and show layers at any time. The annotation layer will always be on top of the rest.
DWG Support

PDF Support

Export PDF
You can export your annotated DWG files as a PDF file. These are great files for sharing with others as they are scalable and maintain the vector quality of your designs.
Share PDF Files
The PDF file format is excellent for sharing btween machines. Every machine whether it be a Mac or PC can view a PDF file in one way or another.
DWG Support

No File Size Restrictions

Complex DWG Files
Some DWG files will be extremely detailed and complex and may result in a large file size. These can still be opened in DWG viewer.
File Size
Larger and more complex files can be opened in DWG Viewer, they just may take a bit longer to open than other simpler and less detailed DWG files.

DWG Viewer

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